Unidos Wildau

The perfect companion for campus life in Wildau

Unidos Wildau is the perfect companion for everyday life at the TH Wildau - not only for students and staff, but also for visitors. In four sections there are library services, timetables, personalised messages, campus tour and much more.

Unidos Wildau is a service of iCampus Wildau, a project to build an interactive information space to make virtual content accessible on the university campus.


Functional overview

In addition to the cafeteria plan, the campus section also includes the iCampus Wildau portal and the mobile integration of the campus exploration, which visitors and students can use to virtually explore the campus by means of tours and thematic filters, and thus get to know it better.

The library section offers mobil library services: Book search and book scanner, saving favourites, the room allocation plan as well as the personalised overview of borrowed books and reminder messages for book return.

In Study and Teaching, it is possible to display selected timetables and save them directly to the mobile device. Optionally, the timetable can be imported into the calendar. In addition, exam results can be called up for selected courses of study.

In Messages users can subscribe to push messages sent directly to them by higher education institutions. Users follow selected channels according to the follower principle. These are activated or deactivated depending on interest.