Humanoide robots on tour in europe

Robots in residence

Since summer 2020, two NAO robots, GAIA and NaoMI, have been traveling through Europe on different routes - each month they visit a different city. This exciting project of the Goethe-Institut in Munich is part of the project “Generation A = Algorithmus - Nachdenken über Künstliche Intelligenz”, which aims to bring the discussion about Artificial Intelligence to broader social classes.

In the sub-project “Robots in Residence”, humanoid robots are in the spotlight. The focus is on the relationship between man and machine in different cultural contexts. GAIA and NaoMI learn something new at each station. There is a detailed report on the project website of the Munich Goethe Institute.

The RoboticLab is responsible for preparing the NAO robots and providing technical support on their travels. At the final festival of “Generation A = Algorithm” planned for autumn 2021 in Dresden, the two female robots will then present their skills. Both teams in Munich and Wildau are very excited!

Reading NAO now also in use in the libraries in Frankfurt am Main

Roboter hört mit!

Helping children of primary school age to strengthen their reading skills with the help of a humanoid robot is the idea behind the Reading NAO project. With this idea, the Stadtbibliothek Wildau won the Innovation Award for Libraries of the Berlin-Brandenburg Foundation for Library Research e.V. in 2017. The RoboticLab is partner of the Stadtbibliothek Wildau, responsible among other things for the technical implementation of the project, and has been continuously developing it ever since.

The fact that this idea not only appeals to children from Brandenburg and Berlin was demonstrated on 19 April 2021 at the Frankfurt am Main public library: the NAO robot Ada there had its first use as a reading robot on that day (press release). The event was fully booked. A tour of the city's public libraries is planned. We at RoboticLab Telematics are very happy about the lively and exciting cooperation with the team of the Frankfurt public library. The project is supervised in terms of content and organisation by Oskar Lorenz, a student assistant in the RoboticLab Telematics and a bachelor student in the Telematics degree programme. The technical implementation of the first version was done by Amanda Klingner (Master's student) and Tina Lüthe (graduate of the Telematics Master's programme).

Report in the Hessenschau from 20.04.2021




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