Research and teaching with humanoid robots at the University of Applied Sciences in Wildau.

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Students of Telematics at the TUAS Wildau are engaged in projects and also in the context of theses with the ways of using NAO robots in applied research.

Topics for working with NAOs in the Telematics laboratories are for example: Human-Robot-Interaction in the therapeutic area, Robot-Robot-Interaction, Localization and Navigation or Perception and Cognition as well as Locomotion.

The Nibo2 robots, produced by nicai systems, are mainly used for entry into the world of robotics.

The RoboticLab is open for students, that take part in the NaWiTex programm. Here they will learn the applications of robots in modern robotics and applied computer science and see what it takes to bring life to robots.

3rd prize in the competition “Mensch und Technik 2016"

Mathias Lindt and Max Dellüge, students of the master program Telematics of the TUAS Wildau, received the 3rd prize in the competition “Mensch und Technik 2016" of the VDI Berlin-Brandenburg for their joint project "Learn and use sign language with hEarMotion and NAO Robots!".

In their project work that is part of the module "programming embedded systems with C ++”, the two telematics students had programmed "their" humanoid robot called "Annabell" to teach people the sign language and to translate selected spoken words and sentences into sign language using gestures.

More about the competition "Man and Technology"

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Robots in residence

Since summer 2020, two NAO robots, GAIA and NaoMI, have been traveling through Europe on different routes - each month they visit a different city. This exciting project of the Goethe-Institut in Munich is part of the project “Generation A = Algorithmus - Nachdenken über Künstliche Intelligenz”, which aims to bring the discussion about Artificial Intelligence to broader social classes. The RoboticLab is responsible for preparing the NAO robots and providing technical support on their travels.

Roboter hört mit!  © Stadtbücherei Frankfurt

Roboter hört mit!

The NAO robot Ada of the public library in Frankfurt am Main had its first use as a reading robot (press release). A tour through the city's public libraries is planned. RoboticLab is happy about the lively and exciting cooperation with the team of the Frankfurt public library.

Report in the Hessenschau from 20.04.2021