About the RoboticLab

Reach and teaching with humanoid robots

As a scientific discipline telematics goes beyond computer science and demands its own systems thinking, which requires special training. The number of telematics applications and fields of application is constantly increasing.

The NAO robot platform from the French company Aldebaran Robotics is used worldwide in teaching and research. It provides a quick introduction to working with NAO robots and offers the basis for complex research and development projects.

Experiences with the use of robots at the TH Wildau and also internationally show that students are particularly highly motivated in such projects and that learning successes are significantly better. Students of the Telematics degree programme deal with the possibilities of using humanoid robots in applied research in projects and as part of their final theses.

Topics for work with NAOs in the labs include human-robot interaction in the therapeutic area, robot-robot interaction, localisation and navigation or perception and cognition as well as locomotion.

The Nibo2 robots from the company nicai systems are used primarily for entry into the world of robotics. The RoboticLab is open to pupils as part of NaWiTex. Here they learn about the application areas of robots in modern robotics and applied computer science and see how robots are brought to life.

The team and its vision

The RoboticLab is part of the research group for mobile information and assistance systems at TH Wildau. The vision of the working group is to develop and test scenarios in which humanoid robots are used in various areas of everyday life - not to displace the tried and tested, but to close gaps and inspire approaches to solutions for current problems in society. In doing so, the curiosity and interest of people in these technical companions is deliberately exploited.