As a helper in the household, as a writing or transport aid or for support in the therapeutic field - the areas of application with humanoid robots are diverse. Project work in the RoboticLab takes place both as part of the telematics studies and as part of the NaWiTex student labs. We present exemplary projects from bachelor and master theses as well as from student internships.

NAO Voice Assistant

Semester project

"Do I need an umbrella tomorrow?" "How long is the Nile?" "Tell me a joke!"

In this project the NAO is applied as an everyday language assistant - that is based on the idea of ​​Amazon Echo. The NAO is able to recognize different voice commands and to initiate the appropriate action.

For this purpose, the NAO has the three modules Weather, Lotto and Bibio, with which it is possible to start weather service queries from the internet and provide information to tell jokes or answer user questions.

Robin Hahn & Michael Pekar, Summer Semester 2017

NAO-Gauntlet 2.0

Semesterbegleitendes Projekt

Mit einem Datenhandschuh den NAO fernsteuern? Mit dem NAO-Gauntlet 2.0 ist das kein Problem. Über eine 2,4GHz Wifi-Verbindung kann der NAO über den Handschuh vorwärts und rückwärts oder auch seitlich ferngesteuert werden und zusätzlich Gegenstände greifen und freigeben. So kann der NAO z.B. als nützlicher Helfer agieren und das dringend benötigte Nasenspray bei Bedarf seinem Besitzer bringen und handreichen.

NAO-Projekte 2018

„Ich sehe was, was Du nicht siehst“, in diesem Projekt mit dem Namen NAOLino erhält der NAO die Fähigkeit des maschinellen Sehens. Mit Hilfe der Programmbibliothek OpenCV erlernt der NAO Alltagsgegenstände, wie einen Apfel oder auch ein Schloss, und ist anschließend in der Lage, diese in seiner Umgebung wiederzuerkennen und zu verorten.

Amélie Jordan

Semesterbegleitendes Projekt

In diesem Projekt schlüpft der NAO Amélie in die Rolle einer Basketballerin. Ausgerüstet mit einem Ball und einem Basketballkorb ist Amélie in der Lage, den Ball aufzunehmen, damit zum Basketballkorb zu laufen und den Ball darin zu versenken. Dabei orientiert sich Amélie an der Größe des roten Punkts an dem Korb, wodurch sie die Entfernung zu diesem richtig einschätzen kann. Die abschließende Jubelgeste ist dann nur noch reine Formsache.
Telematik, SoSe 2018

Application for the NAO robot for the promotion of autistic children

Bachelor thesis

This project comprises the design and implementation of three modules programmed in C ++ for the NAO robot. The individual modules can be used therapeutically to treat autistic impairments in children aged 6 to 10 years.

In a practical study with an autistic child, the module "Touch Me" was successively adapted to the behavior. The aim was that the NAO should promote the fear of contact and the non-verbal communication of the autistic child by invitations to touch individual body parts.

"I really enjoyed working with the autistic child, and the successes at the end of the practical study remain in happy memory."

Benjamin Körner, summer 2014

AsaNao - your personal yoga teacher

Semester project

In the AsaNao application, the NAO robot assumes the role of a yoga teacher. To do this, he introduces and explains various yoga figures, so-called asanas, to his human yoga partner.

The NAO is able to conduct a complete yoga class in which he guides and executes a specific selection of yoga figures. Overall, the NAO has the four yoga exercises dog, warrior, tree and funeral. In addition, he can perform the sun salutation, which consists of several poses. With additional voice recognition and output, the NAO can communicate with its yoga partners.

Mario Falk, Benita Ludwig & Maranatha Nwanoroh, Summer Semester 2017

The use of humanoid robots in a smart home environment

Bachelor thesis

The project investigates how elderly people can extend their time in their home by using humanoid robots in a smart home environment and reduce dependencies on human helpers. The strengths of both worlds should be combined. The created system is extensible and should serve as an interface to already existing systems. The created concept is practically implemented and evaluated.

"Implementing the ideas took me a lot of time and energy because of technical difficulties, but I was able to solve all of them with creativity and perseverance, and I enjoyed this intensive work over a longer period of time. I gained new approaches and methods of resolution for the future."

Tilmann Bock, Summer Semester 2015

The use of humanoid robots for assisted living in old age

The use of humanoid robots for assisted living in old age

In the bachelor thesis, scenarios of service robots for older people were developed. In addition to the target group, the generation 65+, various subareas of robotics were examined for this purpose, such as the human-robot interaction, the safety regulations for personal care robots, acceptance criteria regarding older people versus service robots and existing robotics techniques.

Based on this, scenarios such as health monitoring and cognitive and physical stimulation could be developed. In addition, insights were gained such as the definition of basic requirements for a service robot. These include e.g. requirements for the ability to learn with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, desirable skills such as the networking of service robotics and smart home were defined.

"Especially the timeliness and the potential in this area were a great incentive for me during the development."

Janine Breßler, Summer Semester 2014