Wilma honoured as a "Hochschulperle"

Once a month, the Stifterverband presents a "Hochschulperle" (university pearl) on the subject of "Future Skills", an innovative, exemplary project realised at a university. The topic describes skills that will be important for working life and social participation in the near future.

In February, the award goes to TH Wildau and to the RoboticLab team of the Telematics programme, which developed the humanoid robot "Wilma" for use in the university library.

What is a Hochschulperle? (German)

Read the article on the award in MAZ, 28.02.2019 (German)

eCare Award 2018

Janine Breßler from the Roboticlab team was awarded the eCare Prize 2018 for humane use of IT in nursing at the OTH Regensburg on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. Her master thesis was honored (see https://opus4.kobv.de/opus4-th-wildau/frontdoor/index/index/docId/988).

The work is one of two award-winning projects. The award was presented by the Integrata Foundation.


The exhibition FORSCHUNGSFENSTER at the Bildungsforum Potsdam presents exciting research projects of the scientific and research landscape of Potsdam and Brandenburg to a broad interested public.

On April 13, 2018, the exhibition will be expanded to the research field "Will robots become part of our everyday life?". The RoboticLab of the TH Wildau shows application examples of humanoid robots and informs about the use of robots as an everyday companion.

The exhibition venue is the Wissenschaftstage at the Bildungsforum Potsdam, Platz der Einheit. Admission is free.


An important part of the iCampus team is the RoboticLab, in which students of the Telematics study program deal with the possibilities of using humanoid robots in applied research.

Concrete application scenarios are the 24/7 concept of the university library and the area of social robotics. Our workshop reports inform about the state of development.

Also visit us from March 15 - 18, 2018 at the Leipzig Book Fair. You will find us at the booth of the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government.

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With the new version of Unidos Wildau, we are introducing a new feature that gives users a better overview of some of the Unidos services like canteen, timetable, borrowed books and news.

At a glance, the up-to-the-minute information is just a slide away: upcoming classes, books to be delivered, lunch today and unread messages.

More about Unidos Wildau

Campus Search

With the map service Campus Search you can search rooms, employees and facilities campus-wide and get the position displayed on the map. A new feature is the positioning function, which makes it possible to determine the position of the Unidos user even within buildings.

The indoor location is still under development, so we are very pleased to receive feedback on our services.

Campus Search is not only available in Unidos, but also directly in the browser: icampus.th-wildau.de/map


iCampus Wildau supports study and teaching at the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Wildau. It is a project to build an interactive information system for the improvement of virtual content and services on the university campus.

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Campus Exploration

Discover the campus in 360 ° views. Campus Scout allows you to explore the entire campus via 360 ° panoramas inside and outside buildings. Thematically structured POIs are positioned all over the area.

On the architectural history of the campus. Architects provide insight into the development process and in the genesis of individual campus building. Start the tour.

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Study in Wildau

Studying at the Technical University in Wildau is distinguished by attractive courses, individual support by teaching staff and interculturality in university life. An excellent network of business contacts and research is the basis for application-oriented courses and high-quality research work.

Laboratory tutorials, internships and projects make up a large amount of many of the bachelor’s and master’s programmes. Due to intensive practical experience, students are very well prepared for future employment and additionally benefit from a variety of supportive services and facilities.

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The TH Wildau supports with schoolchildren on their path towards higher education. Throught various institutions, projects and initiatives the university offers individual appointments school excursions to the university, laboratory visits, scientific experimentation and the university library.

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