Master Courses

The Technical University of Applied Sciences in Wildau provides 13 master degree programmes in the fields of engineering, computer science, economics and law. All programmes are divided into the departments of engineering and natural sciences and business, computing and law.


Aviation Management

Master’s Degree

The AVIMA programme is designed for students with a Bachelor's or Diploma degree in engineering or business who aspire to a career in civil aviation. Candidates with other academic qualifications may be accepted after an entrance test including a personal interview.

Successful graduates will work in the following fields: international airlines, airport authorities, air traffic control, manufacturing of aircraft and equipment, maintenance and service companies and regulating authorities on local, national and international levels. This programme is unique for the target group in those countries involved and will be one of the few Aviation Management degree courses in Europe.

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Biosystems Technology / Bioinformatics

Master of Science

Graduates of the Biosystems Engineering / Bioinformatics programme are highly skilled in bringing together biology, engineering and computer science. They are sought-after young professionals in research institutions and life sciences companies, able to apply or to teach current knowledge on issues in production, research and development.

The subject matter of biosystems are bio-hybrid systems that enable the creation of a large number of analytical data e.g. in genomics and proteomics. Through these methods of Bioinformatics, the results are evaluated and analysed.

Interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of biosensors, molecular biology and cellular regulation is developed as well as bioinformatics and micro-and surface technology.

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Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

The MBA is an internationally recognised Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management. It prepares managers for organisation-wide leadership and decision-making. The University approaches leadership development thematically from the starting points of knowledge, practicality and creativity.​

​This study programme is conducted in German.

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Business Management

Master of Arts

The master's degree programme in Business Management provides in-depth knowledge on the basis of economics or business-related undergraduate or graduate qualification. It can alternatively be completed in two specializations: marketing management and financial management / accounting.

Graduates can look forward to attractive career opportunities in all areas from marketing and sales to human resources management.

The course is based on existing scientific principles and already acquired expertise and develops them systematically through extensive training and applied research. Students should be able to think strategically and take responsibility for decisions in complex business environments.

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European Management

Master of Arts

The master's degree programme in European Management provides in-depth knowledge of international business administration as well as of common European frameworks in economics and law. Students are trained to successfully participate in the competition of companies, associations and institutions.

The courses are taught almost exclusively in English and provide European competencies and management skills that qualify graduates for senior management positions, particularly in the areas of personnel, accounting, controlling, financing and strategic management. Graduates also take on positions in consulting firms, banks, insurance companies, accounting firms and public institutions as well as NGOs

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Aeronautical Engineering

Master of Engineering

Global air transport systems require a high degree of precision and reliability. Safety, efficiency and economics depend largely on how particular systems and processes are functionally designed, optimized and developed.

Graduates in Aeronautical Engineering / Aviation Logistics have excellent career opportunities in the technical management of airlines, airport operators, handling companies as well as in planning, production, preparation and quality assurance of aeronautical companies and aircraft manufacturers.

The modules technology/communication and planning/management aim for students to learn both to control the traffic and transportation processes optimally and to design the production of transport services efficiently.

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Mechanical Engineering

Master of Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the leading industries in Germany. Wildau is part of this tradition as a location for industry where research, development, production and education have been practiced since the late 19th century.

The master's degree in Mechanical Engineering in Wildau meets the requirements of industrial practice and the requirements of scientific research. Thus, special emphasis is placed on the integration of demanding tasks in industrial research.

In studying this programme you further your practical skills with expertise in economics and law. You will learn to think in a creative and abstract manner to sustain your position in the fields of development, production and technical management to the point of professional management.

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Master of Engineering

Photonics is an interdisciplinary optical technology that reflects the growing connection between optics and electronics. It includes the control of photons in free space or in matter and is applied in areas of transmission, storage and the processing of information.


The cooperative master’s degree programme includes all photonics knowledge and necessary skills. Graduates of traditional engineering and natural sciences for example gain additional skills to work with optical technologies to meet an emerging demand for qualified personnel in the industry.


Theoretical knowledge is implemented by an intensive supervised internship and projects. Students can look forward to attractive career prospects in information and communications technology, medical equipment, or technology.

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Technical Management and Logistics

Master of Engineering

The master's degree programme in Technical Management and Logistics is designed to train specialists and managers with a scientific profile. Graduates are highly skilled in creating and mastering the different dimensions of corporate governance.

Modules in information technology, engineering, production and management methods provide the necessary tools and skills. Students are trained in applying independent applications of scientific methods and techniques that allow them to be flexible and efficient in problem-solving thinking.

This solid professional training associated with a largely methodological autonomy provides an excellent qualification for a subsequent career.

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Master of Engineering

Graduates in Telematics are multi-skilled, creative and competitive due to their overarching and depth of knowledge in computer science and telecommunications, in research, development and management.

As a convergence of telecommunications and information processing Telematics is the science of networked IT systems and is applied in traffic systems, in the development of intelligent information systems or in building automation.

The application-oriented master's program provides highly specialized application knowledge and enables graduates to work in fields of telematic engineering as well as in positions of responsibility in leading and management tasks.

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Business and Law

Master of Laws

The master's degree programme in Business and Law opens up many career opportunities in business and administration. Staff management and international trade are essential areas of employment, including the associated contract management.

Graduates gain knowledge and skills for the middle and senior management at the interface between law and economics in international companies, consulting firms or legal advice.

Business and Law focuses on teaching well-founded specialist knowledge in the fields of law, business and soft skills. Another essential part of the course is a specialization in international law or in personnel management and excellent professional English skills.

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Business Informatics

Master of Science

At the interface between business and computer science, Business Informatics offers graduates a number of career opportunities in service companies, consulting firms, government agencies or associations.

This master's programme focuses on management responsibilities and skills in strategy and research. In technical terms, Business Informatics aims to provide an understanding of quantifiable processes.

Theory and modeling, strategic planning and the analysis of processes as well as project management and project implementation are the main topics of the course.

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