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Frank Seeliger (*1970) In the first part of my professional life I completed a vocational training as an electrician before the fall of the wall. I then pursued studies in the field of Cultural Anthropology, leading first to a Master’s and subsequently to a Doctor's degree. In the second part of my professional life I followed postgraduate studies to become an academic librarian at the Humboldt University in Berlin at the Institute of Library Science (Institut für Bibliothekswissenschaft); five years ago, I was awarded with my certificate in library science. Since 2006 I have been the head of the academic library at the University of Applied Sciences Wildau, a town in the Federal State Brandenburg, located in the outskirts of Berlin. I am dealing, among other things, with all topics of interests regarding RFID-developments at this institution. On top of this, I am very interested in following and adopting in my own library context a lot of open source solutions and testing new developments to manage LMS/ILS, self-check-systems, intranets, to present visuals and so on.

Janett Mohnke (*1967) studied computer science at Humboldt University in Berlin,Germany. She received her diploma in 1991 and made her PhD in 1999. For several years, she has lived in and worked at different, interesting places like Saarbruecken in Germany, Princeton and Stanford in the U.S.A., and finally Berlin in Germany again. Since 2008 she has been professor of technical computer science at Technical University of Applied Sciences in Wildau (which is close to Berlin in Germany) teaching students who want to become experts in building telematics systems. Her research interests are focused on several aspects in the field of embedded systems, parallel computing, and mobile information systems.

Alfredo Azmitia (*1987) studied telematics at the University of Applied Sciences Wildau in Wildau, Germany. In anticipation to concluding his Master thesis at the end of April 2013, he received the 2012 DAAD award for outstanding achievement of foreign students in German universities. Besides his work experience in Berlin and Brandenburg, he has worked in Saint Petersburg, Russia, as an IT Engineer and Graphics Developer, and in Guatemala City, Guatemala, his home country, as an assistant of GSM Network Planning and Optimisation. His interests and expertise are web technologies, developing front- and back-end logic and design for web and mobile applications, as well as 3D modelling.

Pit Oertel (*1988) My education started 2010 as a specialists in media and information services at the University of applied Sciences Wildau in the academic library. I finished the training in 2013 and was further employed as project staff in the university library. Through the training of specialist in media and information services / library I got to know different and interesting tasks in librarianship, these included the new acquisition and cataloging of media, work on the reference desk and the contact to the library users, but also the public relations and shaping of events was one of them. Below I worked on two publications reporting on new types of events in the university library, and have been reprinted in two well-known German library journals. I´m interested in the design of event formats and the involved on public relations at the university library of the TH Wildau.

Friederike Borchert (*1985) finished her library studies in 2010 at the UAS in Potsdam, Germany. Since then she has been working on different library related projects in the fields of digitalisation (Bonn University Library), data management (UAS Potsdam) and data modelling & linked data (GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences). Since April 2013 Friederike is working at the library of the TUAS Wildau as a member of the thesaurus team. Additionally she is pursuing her Master studies in Crossmedia Management in Leipzig, Germany.

Jan Kissig (*1982) In 2007 I began working as a student in the library of the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau as part of my bachelor thesis on the conversion-processes of RFID. This was my first contact with this technology and since then it became my daily routine/work. In 2010 I finished my Master of Engineering in Telematics (telecommunications and informatics) and since then I have been working as staff at the university library. My work areas cover system administration, RFID-application development and web development, all with the focus on library processes and creating interfaces to our users. My latest projects were mainly web-based and RFID-enabled programs which include a new approach on inventory and selfcheck systems to get out the most of the used RFID solutions.

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