Selected RoboticLab projects

As a helper in the garden or at home, as writing or transport support in the therapeutic field - application areas for working with NAO robots are diverse.

Project work in the RoboticLab takes place as part of the telematics course or within the student laboratories NaWiTex. On this site we exemplarily present projects from Bachelor's and Master's theses as well as student internships.


On a round of BINGO with the NAO

The NAO invites you to a round of BINGO. He can act as a moderator for two or more players or, if no other human player is available at the moment, he can also take on the role of a direct opponent. With the help of the playing fields each participant can log in to the game via a QR code and the coloured NAO heads mark the mentioned fields on the playing field. The NAO decides when the game ends by calling out the word BINGO as soon as a row is occupied horizontally, vertically or diagonally on a playing field.


NAO Reading Robot

The project "Promoting Reading with Handy Humanoid Robots" uses Nao robots as reading mentors for primary school children. The robot is used here to create a tandem of a child's reader and non-human partner to motivate and support children in learning to read.

The cooperation partner for this project is the Stadtbibliothek Wildau. More information about the project visit Usage Scenarios of Humanoid Robots.



SmartHome2Go is a model house for demonstrating SmartHome applications in a vivid way. It serves as an open project in which students and interns can participate in order to add new functions.

The next step is to connect the NAO robot to the smart home so that the NAO can remotely control the light and the doors and windows in the individual rooms of SmartHome2Go.


Semester project

Volume detection in the library

The volume detection in the university library is not intended to monitor or restrict anyone. It is intended to provide students and other library guests with information as to which workstations are currently particularly quiet and suitable for concentrated work.

The system is in testing stage. Using a prototype, volume values are continuously recorded at the main workstations in order to assess how well the selected methods are suitable.

Info sheet on volume measurement in the university library (PDF, German)

Telematics, Summer semester 2018


Semester project

NicNacNoe - The NAO plays Tic Tac Toe

The project NicNacNoe is the implementation of the popular strategy game Tic Tac Toe. The NAO invites on a 3x3 large field to a duel at eye level. For this purpose, an algorithm was programmed for the NAO, which ensures that the NAO sets his choice not by chance, but depending on the already made moves. On the one hand he tries to prematurely decide the game by a victory and on the other hand to prevent the victory of his human opponent.

With the help of image processing, the NAO recognizes the moves of his opponent and a specially prepared pen, he is able to mark the sheet with a cross safely and in the right place on the pitch.

Tobias Kannenberg & David Leubeling, Summer Semester 2017